Man Mandir Bullion

Man Mandir is a leading bullion dealer in Mumbai with rich experience in the bullion market. We provide the best quality and purity Gold bars and Silver Bars at the most competitive rates. We serve our customers with dedication and commitment and provide the latest technology tools for an easy and instant order booking system.

Man Mandir Bullion Live Rates

GOLD 995 ( 1kg ) T+059295
GOLD 995( 100gm PIECE ) T+059305
GOLD 999 (100gm)BIS APPROVED T+059540
GOLD 995(1 KG) 3rd April 59300
GOLD 995 (100 GM ) 3rd April 59305
GOLD 999 (100 Gm) BIS APPROVED 3rd April59550
GOLD 995.( RATE CUT )59310
GOLD 995 WITH GST61084
GOLD 999 WITH GST61337