Bhangale Gold

Bhangale Family one of the leading names in Jalgaon in hotel, medical & education sector in now a part of Jalgaon Gold Industry since November 2017 Founded by Shri Bhagwat Ganpat Bhangale, In two years Bhangale Gold have become among the top jewelers in Jalgaon and will always try its best to provide Customers the best quality. Our Vision is to Become one of the leading brands in Jewellery Industry and to make Bhangale Gold’s Jewellery a part of every household in India. Our mission or our ( Rules ) Rule 1 To deliver best quality and uniqueness at best rates. Rule 2 To complete rule no 1 Why Bhangale Gold 1. We sell gold at online rates. 2. In house manufacturing which gives us a chance to give you lowest charges. 3. Different karigars from different cultures who can cast ornaments with different tastes 4. Karatometer ( Gold testing machine ) for Your satisfaction. 5. Free insurance on ornaments. 6. No loss while you exchange your old jewellery. 7.Highest rate when you sell your Gold.

Bhangale Gold Live Rates

Gold 99.55246.40
Gold 99.5 Best rates5286.40
Silver 99.960.72
Gold 99.5 Wholesale Rates52464
Gold 99.952864
Silver 99.9 Jalgaon60715
Gold 22k 916 Hallmarked48057
Gold 99.5 with Gst-