Kundan Jewellers

Kundan is a broader term of many companies and different divisions that come under its group company the “KUNDAN” a Government of IndiaRecognized premier Trading House as well as nominated agency & ISO 9001 Certified. Kundan word in Sanskrit language meaning purest form of gold. We have various divisions including Precious Metals, Gold Refinery, Besides having our corporate office in Delhi we have full-fledged Zonal offices at Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad along with 45 sub offices in all major cities across the country. The Group’s turnover is $ 4 billion and manpower is more than 500 heads. We are people with passion for success & obsession to win. We have the potential growth catalysts with the motive to achieve the impossible. Kundan is dedicated to the maintenance of quality standards and certified procedures, reduction of cost without compromising on quality, maintenance of leadership in precious metals sales & marketing, logistics & excel in supply chain management. Kundan is confident & looking ahead to explore every opportunity in the growing global economy.

Kundan Jewellers Live Rates

GOLD 999 IMP TCS T+276500
GOLD 999 IMP TDS T+276424
GOLD 999 IMP TCS (Today)76480
GOLD 999 IMP TDS (Today)76404