K J Bullion

K J Bullion is one of the most reputed and trusted bullion dealer at Chennai . We provide best quality and purity Gold and Silver at most competitive rates. We serve our customers with dedication,sincerity, prompt service and latest technology for easy ordering system.

K J Bullion Live Rates

Gold Current52396
Silver Current58530
GOLD 100Gms 999 (Chennai)54146
GOLD 100Gms 999 India Refined (Chennai)54086
Gold 100Gms 999. (Bangalore.)54146
Gold 100Gms 999. India Refined (Bangalore.)54081
GOLD 100Gm s 999. (Mumbai.)54136
GOLD 100Gm s 999. India Refined (Mumbai.)54086
SILVER 999 (Chennai)59930
Gold 1Kg 995 (Chennai)54186