Caps Gold

Founded in the year 1901, M/s Chanda Anjaiah Parameshwar (CAP) –a family owned business – has established itself as one of the leading Gold and Silver bullion merchants of India. And all through its long and eventful course, CAP has unfailingly lived up to the values of accountability, integrity and reliability which have endowed it with unrivalled acclaim and distinction. In fact, CAP is one of the top three Gold and Silver bullion merchants in India with Hallmark Certification. Above all, CAP's Continued legacy of selling flawless Gold and Silver bullion of 999 per cent purity at genuine prices has ensured its emergence as the first, the last and the only destination in South India and especially AP for purchasing these timeless metals. Today, buoyed by ever-increasing growth rate and expanding client base, CAP is aiming to make its golden presence felt nationally and internationally by initiating strategically located subsidiaries in India and across. Evolving with changing times has essentially been a crucial aspect of CAP's success. The very essence of which, is vividly showcased with the inception of CapsGold. By successfully exploiting the revolutionary internet technology, CapsGold ventured into online trading to make its services available at the click of a button. In addition to the shortest delivery times, the reduced risk of physically carrying cash and gold is helping our clients relish a reinforced sense of safety. Helmed by the vastly experienced management, the expert team of chartists and financial analysts render to a host of value added services. Presently, at CapsGold, Gold bars of 100 grams, 1000 grams and Silver as granules and bars are sold online.

Caps Gold Live Rates

Gold Hyd Kg 9993906.00
Gold Hyd Mini 9993906.00
Gold Vjy Kg 9993906.00
Gold Vjy Mini 9993906.00
Gold Bng Kg 9993906.00
Gold Bng Mini 9993906.00
Silver Hyd47216
Silver Hyd Mini47216
Silver Vjy47216
Silver Vjy Mini47216
Silver Bng47216
Silver Bng Mini47216
Silver Cbe47216
Silver Cbe Mini47216
Spot Gold1516.85
Spot Silver18.02
Spot Rupee70.952